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Rogers formed You Am I with his school friend Nick Tischler and his own older brother Jaimme Rogers in 1989, though the lineup shifted around early on, settling on Andy Kent on bass and Mark Tunaley on drums. After the recording of their first album, Sound As Ever, Tunaley was asked to leave the band and Russell Hopkinson joined, forming the ‘classic’ You Am I line-up. Second guitarist Davey Lane – initially part of The Twin Set touring band – joined in 1999.

Also in 1999, Tim released his first solo album, What Rhymes With Cars And Girls. Not intended as a sign of You Am I’s demise, it was simply a case of Rogers having some songs and some time to himself:

“I had some time alone and I found myself writing some songs and then I just thought, well it looks like You Am I’s not going to be recording for a while, while we’re waiting for albums to come out overseas, so I wanna make a record,”

Recorded at Jen Anderson’s (Weddings Parties Anything) home studio, the album showed a mellower side to Rogers’ songwriting, being predominantly a country/folk affair, rather than the raucous rock You Am I were renowned for. Tim named the backing band for the album and consequent tour The Twin Set. He later won an ARIA award for Best Male Artist in for the album.

The initial release of You Am I’s fifth album, Dress Me Slowly also contained a bonus disc entitled The Temperance Union EP, consisting of 8 songs Tim had recorded and written, mostly solo. He took the name of the EP – based loosely on the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union – to name his backing band for his subsequent solo albums, starting with Spit Polish in 2004.

2005 saw the release of a Temperance Union double album, Dirty Ron/Ghost Songs, featuring various special guests including Missy Higgins, Donna Simpson and Rebecca Barnard.

In 2006 Rogers teamed up with long-time friend Tex Perkins to form T’N‘T, eventually releasing the album My Better Half, an eclectic mix of acoustic originals and cover tunes. Arguably it included some of Rogers’ finer solo writing, but received mixed reviews for its minimal production values and tongue in cheek covers, such as Rod Stewart’s Tonight’s the Night.

In May & June ’07 Tim Rogers is joined by Louis Macklin (67 Special) on The Gentlemens Agreement national tour with Louis on piano and Tim singing sweet songs old & new. It will be a change for Tim, who has recently returned home from a national tour of the USA, where You Am I played over 20 headline shows to thousands of people and even had time to perform at the SXSW Festival.

In September 2007 he released his fourth solo album, The Luxury Of Hysteria, his first credited solely to his name (though The Temperance Union do play on the album). He also creates his own record label – Ruby Q – to deal with the release. When Yer Sad is the first single to be released from the album and an east coast theatre tour ensues with Tim & a nine piece band launching the record throughout October ’07.

In December ’07 Tim reunites with Louis Macklin for The Reprobate’s Agreement Tour. All shows on the tour will be recorded live on the night by New Found Frequency with limited live cd’s available directly after each show.

In 2008 & still unable to secure steady employment, Tim Rogers thrusted himself onto a motley assortment of stages in the Goodnight Boys Tour to coincide with the release of the single Goodnight Boys from The Luxury of Hysteria. September 2008 saw the release of You Am I’s new record Dilettantes and throughout Oct/Nov 2008 those kings of swagger, noise and style hit the stage nationally for the Lets Be Dreadful Tour.

A one month sojourn at the Malthouse Theatre at the beginning of 2009 saw Tim play a villainous angel in Georg Buchner’s 1837 masterpiece, ‘Woyzeck’. To keep the theatre juices flowing, Tim is writing music in a production for the Ride On Theatre Company. Plus an on screen role in a film slated for release early 2010.

Tim Rogers is an instantly recognisable name and has earned critical acclaim for his unique Australian song writing and has endeared himself to a whole generation….


If there’s a more impressive performer on the local live scene than Tim Rogers, i’m yet to see them…. – Inpress – 23rd May 2007

This man need not prove his worth in Australia as he clearly sets the bench mark for aspiring song writers and clearly his songs mean a lot to a lot of people….. – Brag, 4th June 2007

Proving that even rock and roll stars of the highest order can be cultured and gentlemanlike…....... – Time Off, 13th June 2007

Open, raw, honest, disconsolate, kooky, lovable and full on angst…. – Rip-in Magazine, 7th June 2007

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