“This album is a legacy to the contribution that these great artists have made to our lives and a way for me to keep their memory alive as I rewind the classics of yesterday and bring them back to you today.” – ALFIO

Highly charismatic with a devil-may-care attitude, Sydney native ALFIO is reminiscent of a young Dean Martin. With his old-world charm and his confident, contemporary swagger, ALFIO offers a refreshingly cool and modern throwback to the crooners to which he is often compared.

While studying voice in Parma, Italy, ALFIO was on the road to becoming a tenor, but the constraints of that particular musical track clashed with his strong desire to sing contemporary and classic songs. As a result, ALFIO strayed slightly from becoming a tenor to become what he jokingly calls a “nine-and-a-halfer.”

Following tours in the US, Europe, and Asia, as well as the success of his previous album Tranquillità released by Warner Music Australia, ALFIO is back with a new album, Classic Rewinds, paying tribute to the artists who influenced ALFIO and his passion for music. The 15 Italian-American artists recognized on this album are reminiscent of ALFIO’s connection to Italian life outside of Italy. Classic Rewinds includes classic songs from Mario Lanza, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Frankie Valli, Bon Jovi, and more. Songs like “Papa Loves Mambo” and “Buona Sera” set the stage for a fun, feel-good collection, while tracks like “Where Do I Begin” and “The Impossible Dream” showcase ALFIO’s vocal range from soft timbre to full bravado; and a modern classic like Bon Jovi’s “Always” adds an element of mainstream sensibility for contemporary fans around the world.

Considered one of the great voices in contemporary music today, ALFIO is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. In addition to paying tribute to the classics as the album’s title suggests, Classic Rewinds also includes a few ALFIO originals such as “Voce Pura” written for Luciano Pavarotti. After meeting and dining with Pavarotti in late 2005, ALFIO penned this loving tribute to the Maestro and sent it to him early last year.

Whether sitting solo at the piano, backed by a band or an orchestra, or singing a cappella, ALFIO believes in connecting with his audience. An album like Classic Rewinds affords ALFIO and his audience the opportunity to celebrate songs they both know and love: “Singing your own songs is great, but watching your audience sing and clap along to the songs we all know and love is something that many artists have embraced. I love singing the classics.” – ALFIO.

One of ALFIO’s most appealing qualities in both his music and his life is his ability to entwine generations. This album is a testament to that and speaks to the sentiment for all generations to move forward while not forgetting to appreciate a classic rewind.